Brown Bag

November 30, 2009

Snack Time

Lunch Time

I have been pretty good at maintaing a mainly healthy way of eating at work. It’s been kind of easy because we had an amazing cafeteria full of fresh food – from lots of salads, vegetables and fruit to delicious, not-so-healthy hot food like lasagna and a parade of endless cakes and sweets, which I rarely made eye contact with, fyi. As of today, that’s all over. We have moved to a new and fancy and still-under-construction location and staff meals are going to have to wait. So I’m going to brown bag it. If you have some recommendations, let me know. I just made some bars, and I have packed some fresh vegetables. And leftover soup to reheat. What else? Please send me some recommendations. I am determined not to fall into the habit of going for lunch everyday, followed by a late afternoon coffee. Well… the coffee’s negotiable. I know if I keep eating well that I can make it through these busy months at work and maintain my energy and positivity without flagging. Some of you are expert lunch-packers, so share your knowledge. Or your lunch!