Colour & Balance

October 2, 2011

Morning Greens

My little blog has gathered dust. Time to blow it off, give it a light polish and add something fresh. So here it is then, fresh, though a dubious green. This kale shake arrives every morning in varying grades of greens, from the olive-hued one pictured to prettier spring green. Michael blends one together for us each weekday, and everyday he has a different balance of ingredients. What is balanced, I think, is the nutritional value. At the very least, we begin our day properly. And, for the most part, this shake is surprisingly yummy. Everyone that tries it is pleasantly wowed. Maybe their expectations are really low? Sometimes, not often, ingredients are imbalanced and breakfast can taste somewhat grim green. Stick more not less to the recipe below and you, too, will be pleasantly wowed.

Makes 1 tall shake

1 handful of fresh kale leaves

1 handful fresh spinach leaves

1/2 a ripe pear, cored

1/2 a ripe and frozen banana

a scoop of frozen berries

1 scoop of hemp protein powder

about half a cup of water or almond milk

Pack kale and spinach leaves into the bottom of your blender. Add all other ingredients and blend on the fast, faster, fastest setting until smooth and evenly green.


4 Responses to “Colour & Balance”

  1. katie said

    Welcome back!! I’m so happy to have a little nutrional inspiration from you again…That smoothie looks good…get all of your nutrition over with first thing…heh heh..

  2. Miranda Lee said

    Ohhhhh boy. My little blog-loving heart just smiled. So glad to have you back : )

  3. Kat said

    Yeahhhhhhh! My skull spatula is waiting…… xo

  4. Ashley said

    Hi there! I was about to change my blog name to A Baker’s Balance and then decided to search for it and your blog came up! I was just wondering, if you are not blogging anymore, if you would mind if I used that name? I didn’t see a contact email address listed but feel free to respond via email. I appreciate the consideration!

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