I Love Toyko

January 27, 2011

Tokyo Farmer's Market

There is everything to love about Tokyo, including their markets. This one happens to be right beside, right beside, Pierre Hermé. And instead of buying brightly coloured vegetables we bought a box of brightly coloured macarons. We have a tiny kitchen in our serviced residences but I’ve done no cooking. I don’t want to eat my own cooking when there’s a world of food out there, from fugu to back alley noodles to the most beautifully prepared meals. This is my second favourite city in the world. Vancouver is my first. Although the 10 am soba noodles with onsen tamago make it a very close second.

Back Alley Soba


5 Responses to “I Love Toyko”

  1. Jen said

    Oooooh. You are killing me. Please don’t forget to have a Ispahan (sp?) xo

  2. pamela said

    I hope Paris is still number 3. Please eat for me as well, give my love to my reconciled boyfriend Pierre Herme

  3. Debra said

    I love your photos and am so glad you’re back!

  4. Herb said

    Absolutely, Tokyo is a wonderful food city! Your photos are excellent. And welcome back to the blogosphere, you’ve been missed!

  5. Miranda said

    Just came across this on vimeo and thought you might enjoy it! http://vimeo.com/19501716

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