The Big Apple

September 27, 2010

NYC Apples

We’re in New York! Things kind of worked out for us to take a semi last minute trip here. We visited the year round (year round!) market in Union Square the other day. I think it’s one of the best and largest – of course it’s large, we’re in NYC – markets I’ve ever been to. It’s over two acres and there are about 140 producers. We didn’t buy much, some apples. There are a LOT of places we need to eat at. It’s good we brought our appetites.





5 Responses to “The Big Apple”

  1. pamela said

    What don’t they do well in NYC?

  2. katie said

    Wow!! Look at those chiles….!

  3. jevanshead said

    great shots!! have a great time.

  4. Ellis said

    What a stunning pictures as always! If u2 happen to be wondering around east village, do stop by Momofuku Ssam Bar and have some Pork Belly Bun. Guaranteed satisfaction! Plus they have milk bar (dessert) next door — I think some of the berry pies are still inside the clean eating scope [wink – wink]

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