Sweet Things

September 13, 2010




I wanted to let you know that I’ve been thinking about agave and sugar and other sweet things. There’s a lot of bad press out there on agave and I’m aghast that it’s taken me this long to write about it. I gave agave the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to believe the hype. Though it does sound healthful and too good to be true. I have a sugary house – granulated, brown, raw cane, light brown, date, coconut, coarse, maple, raw, rock, stevia, vanilla, icing, berry. And agave, molasses, corn syrup and glucose. And honey. Oh, honey. There’s some from the Okanagan called Dew Fresh, it’s from Osoyoos and Oliver, and it is the BEST honey I’ve ever had. What have I been eating it on? Um, a spoon. And see? This is why I started my blog, so that I wouldn’t succumb to spoonfuls of sugar of any sort. And that’s the point: moderation. You’ll have to read some articles to decide for yourself if you want to continue using agave.

When I’m baking with my blog in mind I experiment with alternate ingredients. I believe in eating well, most of the time. I believe in food, whole foods. I love how food brings people together, and is always reason enough for celebration. All of my friendships are based on food. If you don’t love to eat we probably aren’t friends. If you don’t love to cook, that’s okay, I’ll do the cooking. I’ll continue writing recipes that are healthy-ish. You will now see all sorts of sweeteners*, including agave, used on Baker’s Balance. In some recipes, one sweetener is easily swapped for another, so use the sweetener that you prefer. It’s been a slow time coming, like molasses in the winter.

Read more on agave:

Marion Nestle

Doug DiPasquale

Sally Fallon

* I never use Splenda or Equal or any of those…


2 Responses to “Sweet Things”

  1. jevanshead said

    Sweet post!


  2. Debra said

    Noticed the stevia in powder form which is the way most people are accustomed to seeing it, and though this post is mostly about agave, I recently I visited a farm and saw stevia growing. The leaves were sweet making it a perfect sweet choices for locavores. Think I’ll grow some of my own stevia next year.

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