Summer Vacation

August 23, 2010

Red Haven

My favourite place in the Okanagan is Osoyoos, where we have spent the last few days. Osoyoos is the only desert in Canada and some of the sweetest fruit grows here. This is the place of childhood summer vacations. It tastes of dark cherries and ripe peaches eaten swiftly, juices dripping. We’re driving home today with five boxes of red haven peaches in the back of our truck – they’re not all for us – and the Glee Soundtrack on. I wish we could stay longer, the sun is shining and the lake is warm.


3 Responses to “Summer Vacation”

  1. Jen said

    I was belting out the Glee tunes on my way to work today! Hot yoga wasn’t the same without you this morning, see you soon!

    • brian gourley said

      Five boxes – that’s a lot. We could can them at our place the kitchen in the suite is fully equiped and no one is there instead of messing/heating up our/your kithchen

  2. katie said

    the end.

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