Ravenously Thirsty

August 19, 2010

Ice Ice Tea Baby

I think I might be the rare person who likes to get too hot. The summer heat suits me, I tend to not feel wilted, luckily. And, thankfully, our old house stays cool. It stays cool in part due to shady trees in the yard and in part to Michael’s diligence in opening every last window that can be opened. There are at least two that cannot, will not, open for one reason (painted shut) or another (only held on by just the latch). I revel in stepping out into a morning that is blood temperature. I feel exuberant driving with windows rolled down, left arm out the window, hair untied and whipping while singing along to Flashdance. Last week at the farmers market it was hot, so hot. There was a charming young gal with an iced tea stand – her teas were thoughtful, delicious, fresh and refreshing and not too sweet. Julie claimed ravenous thirst and our shared iced tea made us happy and cool, if only just for a moment.

Makes one large pitcher

2 tablespoons good black tea, I used 49th Parallel’s Organic Golden Assam

3 lemongrass stalks, split and smashed

1/2 bunch of mint

2 tablespoons agave

Brew a pot of tea and add bruised lemongrass and mint. Meanwhile, pour agave into pitcher. Once tea has steeped, discard leaves, lemongrass and mint and strain into pitcher over the agave. Cool and serve in a tall, ice-filled glass. Garnish with a stalk of lemongrass and fresh herbs. Drink deeply. Rinse and repeat.


3 Responses to “Ravenously Thirsty”

  1. Julie said

    I think this iced tea was just as thoughtful, delicious, fresh and refreshing as the tea at the farmers market. It definitely quenched my ravenous thirst. I want some now.

  2. Julie said

    PS… The picture is so pretty too!

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