On Track

August 12, 2010

Nutrition Pyramid

Wow. I need to get my nutrition back on track. After returning from holiday I had two back to back weddings. One was Courtney and Chris’s, a beautiful event at the Stanley Park Pavilion. I did attempt to out dress the bride, but Courtney was gorgeous. Her wedding required a fair bit of prosecco and some late evening coffee to keep me dancing through the jet lag. Thanks for the coffee, Julie. The second wedding was Katie and Jacobo’s which, delightfully, was held at our house. Katie looked so lovely, it was fun and intimate and, the best part, catered by La Taqueria. Actually, the best part was Katie’s pastel tres leches. It’s life changing. Katie left a big, soaked slab of it in our fridge. Not good. But so good. I find I enjoy three milk cake best in the morning, ice cold. So you see where I’m at, nutrition-wise. I am running on nothing. Love isn’t all you need, people.

I have heard, and I believe it to be true, that nutrition is 80% of fitness. I’ve also heard that if you must choose between eating well or missing a workout in a day, take the miss on the workout and maintain your nutrition. I kind of did the opposite, though I’m not to be blamed since I was in Paris, capital city of all things delicious. I think my fitness level is more or less intact, given the non-stop biking and walking throughout Paris. This does not mean I’m not freaked out about Crossfit. I tackled hot yoga yesterday, thanks Jen G. It was, as usual, an amazing start to the day. I know once my fridge is stocked, not with three milk cake and taco leftovers, that my energy levels will return to their usual high. And I know it will only take a few days. I’m kind of excited about it. Today is day two and I feel better already. I’m going to spend the morning reviewing my blog and the afternoon in the kitchen getting organized.


5 Responses to “On Track”

  1. court e nay said

    i will join you in your challenge, since i have to put a bathing suit on in one month.

    • dawnegourley said

      C – Glad you’re in and I love that it’s the middle of August and you’re not putting on your bathing suit until you go to Maui in the fall.

  2. Jen said

    Not Mmmmonday…Today! I love how we motivate eachother to get back on track. Bathing suit or not, I need it!

  3. pamela said

    As I read your blog, I said to myself, “I’m in!” but at the same time I was searching out a recipe of david lebovitz. Pulled in two directions:(

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