Sesame Salt

August 4, 2010

Toast & Salt

There was a little restaurant in Paris that had a few interesting condiments. One was this, toasted sesame crushed together with salt. Such a simple idea. There is no end to what you could sprinkle it on, to make whatever it is you’re eating a little toastier tasting, a tinge saltier. I will have to toy with the balance once I’m home, but my guess is that 1/4 of a cup of pan-toasted sesame seeds will be just right with a heaping tablespoon of course sea salt. Cool the sesame seeds completely before lightly grinding with the salt.


3 Responses to “Sesame Salt”

  1. katie said

    man, those Parisians!! They’ve got it ALL figured out!!

  2. tpiggy said

    I had no idea “gomashio” was such a universal condiment! What did you sprinkle it on in Paris?

    • dawnegourley said

      Of course, it’s Japanese! I should have known because it’s similar to furikake. We sprinkled it on salads in Paris.

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