Marche Raspail

July 26, 2010

Organic Market

I love Paris. Yesterday, as with most of our mornings, we started with a bike ride. Love the Velib city bikes. And my friend Pam is a great navigator. We’ve been zig zagging all over the city on Velib’s. It’s a bit crazy at first, weaving through traffic of all sorts on the combined bus-bike lanes that tend to end rather abruptly and then begin just as spontaneously, sans helmet. We visited the all-organic market in the 6th and then made our way over to watch the last laps of the Tour de France. Pam has always wanted to watch the Tour de France and I was along by association. How thrilling! Suddenly I was coveting a bright yellow Tour cycling cap and taking a million blurry photos! The crowds were huge, and we had a great place on a corner near The Louvre by the Tuileries. I thought Pam and I were doing a fair job of biking around Paris, but Lance and the gang made our efforts seem feeble and not just a little sluggish.

Fraise des Bois

What I wanted to say is, as you might be envying me in Paris, that you must get to one of our amazing Vancouver farmers markets. Seriously go. Yes, the stuff looks pretty good in Paris, and they do have the enviable fraise des bois, but our produce is spectacular. I think we might have a better selection, I’m just saying. I think we do. I have bought the lovely, fleeting, ghostly white and gorgeously perfumed alpine strawberries at one of our markets. I kind of almost miss my close to regular market Saturday with Julie in Vancouver. But not enough to come home yet. I miss Michael the most. Enough to come home.

Health Food

This is the Saturday Chocolate Bar from Jean-Charles Rochoux. He makes a fresh seasonal fruit chocolate bar every week. This past Saturday’s was fraise de boise in dark chocolate – spectacular!


5 Responses to “Marche Raspail”

  1. Debra said

    It all sounds so exciting but I’d have a hard time leaving my favorite Seattle farmers’ market during summer. This last week my favorite variety of pie cherries appeared, but it’s also the last week for them.

  2. katie said

    Stunning post!! I could almost TASTE that chocolate bar….Bliss!!

    • dawnegourley said

      Oh, Katie, I wish you could taste it. If we find some of those alpine strawberries I will make you a bar.

  3. jevanshead said

    Admit it. You miss me too!

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