Salt Spring Island

July 12, 2010

Sunrise on Salt Spring

I spent the last few days on Salt Spring Island with the Parkside Runners. Interestingly, we did not run. We were there to celebrate the end of Courtney’s single life, she’s getting married soon! It was relaxing. We went to the market, drank coffee and ate. I loved cooking and baking on the wood stove at the cabin. It was kind of like being pioneers. Except for the running water, electricity, Nespresso machine and iPods.

Fawcett Maywood


6 Responses to “Salt Spring Island”

  1. Jen said

    What a truly amazing weekend. Thank you for all of your delicious cooking. The combination of your talents, the wood stove, and being on vacation with friends made the food taste extra yummy!

  2. court e nay said

    we love your cooking on a woodburning stove mmmmm

  3. Julie said

    Yay! I love this post. That wood stove has never seen such deliciousness! Thanks to all of you for a wonderful weekend.

  4. Mimi said

    I covet that stove. 😀

  5. brian gourley said

    The stove, I have an old electric stove in the shed. It is a four burner and looks like it is from the 50’s. As far as I know it works but I think it should be rewired. This would be a project for someone. Any ideas? It is yours for picking it up. Your photo reminded me of this. What a score for some lucky devil!

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