July 5, 2010

Goi Cuon

Vietnamese salad rolls are easy to make. These are a variation on what I know from Vietnamese restaurants in Vancouver. I’ve omitted the noodles and increased the protein and vegetables, making them a nutritious and portable meal.

Make as many as you would like and use whatever sort of filling that you wish

rice paper

protein – poached chicken*, steamed prawns or shrimp, boiled egg or tofu

pickled* carrot and daikon or red radish, julienned

lettuce leaves

pea shoots

green onion

cilantro leaves

mint leaves

* one clove garlic, 3″ fresh ginger in thick slices, a teaspoon of sea salt

** 1/2 cup pickling vinegar, 2 tablespoons coconut sugar – this is a really sour pickle, you may increase the sugar if you like

If you’re using chicken, make a poaching liquid with about six cups of water, one crushed clove of garlic, lots of fresh ginger slices and a teaspoonful of sea salt. Simmer two chicken breast halves for about ten minutes, remove from poaching liquid and cool before shredding with your hands. For the pickled carrot and radish, macerate in vinegar and coconut sugar for about half an hour. To use the rice paper leaves, immerse one leaf at a time in a pan of barely simmering water to soften. Spread out wet rice paper onto your work surface and fill conservatively  – that is, don’t overfill – with protein, lettuce, pickles and herbs. Roll firmly together and serve with homemade chili sauce. If you want to take the rolls for lunch, dab a bit of chili sauce inside before rolling and wrap each roll individually in plastic wrap. Much like a salad, you can see that there are endless variations on this, yes? Go ahead and fill with your favourite things.


2 Responses to “VIETNAMESE!”

  1. katie said

    hee hee..I know that title is for me…. Salad rolls look fresh and delish…some mango in there would be good too..

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