A Week or Two

June 3, 2010

Strawberry Blossom

This rain seems endless, though it looks as though today might be beautiful. We are a week or two away from the blissful arrival of berry season. This rain is good, it’s drenching everything with droplets of emerald. I ran through Stanley Park – was it yesterday morning? – with the Parkside Runners. It was raining and misting and puddle-riddled. It was also lush and fresh and so, so green! And while we were running I thought of the pots of strawberry blossoms that I saw at the market last weekend. It won’t be long now, and that’s kind of thrilling.


4 Responses to “A Week or Two”

  1. Debra said

    Love the photos. Makes me feel the raindrops on the strawberries.

  2. Julie said

    I am berry excited about summer fruits! If I have to eat one more apple…!

    Lovely photo, Dawne (as always).

    • dawnegourley said

      You must stock your little freezer this year Julie. And we’ll eat as much summer fruit as humanly possible.

  3. jevanshead said

    What now your using soft focus techniques. What’s next with you?

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