Local Asparagus

May 20, 2010


Last Saturday Julie and I went to the Trout Lake Farmer’s Market. I bought some gorgeous salad greens and a bundle of asparagus spears. I was excited to see the asparagus, there was no price on the bin, and I’m alarmed that I spent $11 on it. The guy weighed it and told me the price. I asked him to repeat it, even though I heard him the first time. I was on the verge of saying “No, thanks, that’s a little too much for me.” I had a little mini war with myself as I was standing there. I want to support local. And I can’t even imagine how much work it is to grow fruits and vegetables to make a living. I heard that asparagus, once planted, can’t be harvested until the third year. Good grief, I would charge a lot more. But, still. It was a lot. I had every intention of cooking it immediately when I got home, but things happened and it’s sitting in my crisper drawer. Now I’m alarmed that I paid $11 for some asparagus that’s shriveling in the fridge. Tonight. I will cook it. I’m not sure how, but I am leaning towards grilling it and showering it with Maldon salt. Or maybe, because it’s tender spring asparagus, I should just steam or blanch it and douse it with olive oil and some freakishly delicious lemon vinegar. (Thanks Katie!)

Lemony Deliciousness


3 Responses to “Local Asparagus”

  1. Debra said

    The first local asparagus is usually the most expensive but so worth it. If you stand it upright in a little water, it can last a week in the refrigerator.

  2. Julie said

    I ate my $11 asparagus the other day and I think it was worth every penny! I would pay it again in a second. YUM!

  3. Cole said

    You should store it in the TUPPERWARE Fridge Smart – then it lasts a good 3 weeks. Didn’t your favorite sista buy it for you.

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