Macademic Research

April 29, 2010

Roasted and Sea Salted

You know when you kind of lie to yourself? Well, not quite a lie, maybe, but more sort of not admitting? For the last week I have been pretending that macadamia nuts are good for me. You know, because nuts are typically good for you. I have been consuming them with mounting guilt (there is no way that something this good and fatty can be good for you) and tightening of bikini straps. They are fatty little globes of crunchy delight. Now that I am home, I must come clean. However, a few moments of searching on the internet finds me not so guilty. Macadamia nuts, while high, high in some good fats, are also full of protein and fibre. Perhaps, though, I should consume them with a little less abandon. Now that I am home there is no longer an unlimited supply, so I will ration myself. I bet if I search hard enough I will find some evidence that chocolate coated macadamia nuts are good for me, too.


5 Responses to “Macademic Research”

  1. katie said

    Macademic research…wow…SOME OF YOUR BEST!! Please let me know when make the discovery that cheese is actually super good for you as well. So glad to have you home…
    xo k

  2. Debra said

    Love the way you indulge in local delights while traveling. I love pecans when I travel to Texas and almonds in California.

  3. Brian Gourley said

    HI HO HI HO it’s back to work you go. It’s also nice you’re home again. Hope you and Mike had a good time. Are new scuba suits in order? O yes the ruhbarb is up and Uncle Ken has already picked some. Any ideas? See you soon. Love Dad

  4. jevanshead said

    I’ve looked at the post at least three times and I just got it. I’m not much of a Macademic I suppose.

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