Tropical To Do

April 22, 2010


This is what I had to do yesterday, more or less. I woke up and packed while dancing to music on the radio. Went for a great coffee at one of my favourite Vancouver cafes. Luckily, it’s quite close to the Canada Line Skytrain. Hopped on that to YVR. Got on a plane and finished a novel on butchery. Landed in Maui (!) and climbed into a cheesy, and a little bit grubby, Mustang convertible. Drove fast. Ate some (a lot) of fatty, salty macadamia nuts and then some (not much) pineapple. There is a lot more to do today. I must eat more pineapple, that’s at the top of the list.

Room With a View


8 Responses to “Tropical To Do”

  1. Dad said

    Have a great time ! Oh check out do they have good local Beer? How about a report on that when you return?

  2. Julie said

    *Sigh*… I am green with envy. Have a great time, Dawne and Michael!

  3. Jen said

    Enjoy your well deserved vacation!

  4. Holly said

    Have a great time! Eat lots of yummy tropical fruit for me!

  5. Ken Gourley said

    Is this great/good beer exported? Have a great feast of “RIPE” pineapple it is far nicer than what we get here. Something about “SHEETS” of the fruit on the BARBIE with everything wrapped in them. I hear that is a special delight. Have a great time…KDG&TMG

  6. katie said

    You know where you can find some more delicious pineapple? In a PINA COLADA!! GET ON IT GIRL!!
    View looks amazing…have the best time..

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