Put the kettle on.

April 8, 2010

Tea for Me

Tonight, here I am sitting on my sofa. Cozy. I can hear the schht schht schhtt of rain that is uniquely the soundtrack of Vancouver. And I want want want chocolate. I do not want for chocolate in my house. I cannot count how much I have. You would be shocked to know that I have at least 10 kilos. Probably more. So, in times like this, when the weather is blustery, chocolate calls and I’m trying hard to be good, I will put the kettle on. My tea of choice in the evening is called Indian Citrus Ginger and it’s loaded with dried bits of ginger, lemongrass and citrus. I have, for the time being, distracted myself into not eating chocolate. Plus, now that I’m seated again, I’m not embarrassed to tell you that I’m too lazy to get up. Even for chocolate.

Instead of Chocolate


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