Hock, Stock & Crock

March 25, 2010

As Thick As

I really can’t say why I felt like making and eating split pea soup on a sunny spring day. Its very stick to your ribs character calls for it to be made in the dead dark of foggy winter. Nonetheless, I wanted to go out and about yesterday, and I didn’t want to concern myself with cooking dinner when I got home. This was a job for my super Crock Pot.

Makes about 8 cups

1 ham hock

16 oz dried split green peas, rinsed and picked through

1 medium onion, chopped

2 ribs of celery, chopped

3 carrots, peeled and chopped

1 bay leaf

2 teaspoons sea salt

6 cups of chicken stock or water

Put all ingredients into your Crock Pot. Turn it on to high for five hours and breeze out the door for the day. When you come home your dinner will be almost ready. Pull out the falling apart ham hock from the thick as pea soup pea soup and set it on a plate until cool enough to handle. When cooled, shred the ham and stir into your hearty split pea soup. Most enjoyable!

Update: okay, this recipe gets really thick overnight. You could easily add another 2 cups of stock or water if you like. Michael disagrees. But I must tell you, he scooped the soup onto his toast and cheese (he’s not eating clean, he only clean eats by default and his toast was white bread from a bag. I know, right?) that’s how thick it is. So, thin as you please.


8 Responses to “Hock, Stock & Crock”

  1. jevanshead said

    Nice one Dawne-O!

    What am I looking for in the purchase of a crock pot?. I think I could really get good with one of these.


    • dawnegourley said

      You would get along well with a Crock Pot! Maybe someone you know (your mom, an aunt, your sister, a cousin… ) has one that they can give you. One from the 70’s in Harvest Gold or Avocado. My parents had a faux wood paneled one. Wouldn’t that be great? My dad used that to make his almost famous baked beans. In fact, he won a baked bean contest in the 70’s. I still have the t-shirt.

  2. The soup sounds delicious and perfect for a rainy day. Is that rhubarb on top? What an interesting flavor combination that I’d never considered. How was that cooked?

    • dawnegourley said

      On top is the shredded pork from the ham hock. It does look a bit rhubarby now that you mention it. It would be an interesting combination, though I’m not sure that it would work. Once I made a rhubarb and onion tart, that worked out yummy.

  3. court nay said

    Uhm how do I make it without pork.

    • dawnegourley said

      Easy, just don’t put the ham hock in and throw in a tablespoon-ish of the always delicious smoked paprika. You can use the sweet or hot version.

  4. Jen said

    Or you could replace the pork with rhubarb!

  5. Theresa said

    This looks SO GOOD! I will definitely have to try this recipe out! YUMMYNESS!

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