Thin Crust Pizza

March 11, 2010

Pizza Pie

Pizza Pie

Crank up your oven as hot hot hot as you can. And make a gluten-free, thin-crust pizza with some fresh produce – tomatoes, of course (not superb this time of year…), basil, sweet onion and whatever else you have on hand. It is difficult to clean up pizza: its dirty, hot, melty nature is what makes it so crave-worthy. This one is only a little dirty, there’s fresh tomato sauce and tomatoes on it, as well as salami from Oyama and feta from Little Qualicum Cheeseworks. It’s delicious, if I do say so myself. Once you slide it into your hot oven you only need to wait for about five minutes to eat it, it bakes up fast and hot. You stand a good chance of scorching the roof of your mouth, so be warned.

Makes 4 – 9″ crusts

3/4 cup brown rice flour

1/2 cup buckwheat flour

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

1/4 teaspoon xantham gum

1/2 teaspoon instant yeast

1/2 cup lukewarm water

1 1/2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

1/2 teaspoon agave

Pre-heat oven as hot as possible, mine goes up to 500º and that’s what I baked the pizza at. I also have an unglazed baking stone in my oven, but you could turn a sheet pan upside down. I tried that and it worked just as well. The point is to have a hot surface on which to slide the pizza onto. In a medium-sized bowl whisk the brown rice flour, buckwheat, sea salt and xantham gum together. Now whisk in the instant yeast. The reason for whisking the yeast in afterwards is because you don’t want it to come in direct contact with the salt, as the salt could kill the yeast. (Rude.) Pour in the lukewarm water, olive oil and agave and mix together with a fork until it forms a shaggy ball. Lightly brown rice flour your surface and turn the dough onto it, knead lightly and divide into four even balls. Cover three dough balls with a tea towel, and flatten your first dough ball into a disc. Roll out to a diameter of about 9″, all the while gently turning the disc of dough, making certain that it’s not sticking to the surface. If necessary, scatter a little more brown rice flour underneath. I slid the removable bottom of a tart pan underneath the dough disc, assembled my pizza, and then it was simple to slide it into the oven onto the baking stone, or sheet pan. Bake for 5 – 7 minutes, pizza will bubble and crust up very quickly. Remove with the tart pan bottom and slide immediately onto a cutting board. Cut into wedges and eat. Repeat with remaining dough.

Suggestions for pizza toppings:

fresh tomatoes and tomato sauce


fresh basil leaves, whole or torn

oven-roasted tomatoes

extra-virgin olive oil

salami, prosciutto, maybe smoked salmon

cheese, mmm cheese

sweet onion slices


roasted garlic cloves, or minced fresh garlic

roasted eggplant puree – actually, don’t bother with this, I was mocked

thinly sliced hot peppers

chili flakes

fresh ground pepper

hard boiled egg wedges

crushed or sliced olives

truffles, but who has truffles laying around?


The list is endless, you know what you like. Turn on your oven and turn up your music and make some pizza!

The Last Piece

The Last Piece


4 Responses to “Thin Crust Pizza”

  1. Dad said

    That looked so good! My mouth watered.

  2. I’m impressed that you used buckwheat flour. I love that nutty flavor and find it much better than rice flour. Your photos are so beautiful. I will try this recipe when I have more perfectly ripe veggies from the garden.

  3. Jen said

    Oh I am SO hungry for pizza now! That’s what we’re having tonight.

  4. Julie said

    I second Jen’s comment! I can’t wait to try this tonight. This cold and rainy weather screams for hot pizza. Yummy.

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