True Blood

March 8, 2010

Red is the new orange

I love blood oranges. I always manage to feel a bit surprised when I slice into a blood orange. Happy surprise at the splattering of ruby juices from a mainly orange-hued orange. Sometimes there is giveaway streak of blushing scarlet on the orange cheek but, for the most part, it is most definitely orange. A blood orange has its own unique flowery, sparkly sweet taste. We are still months away from local strawberries. If you crave the bite of something red this late winter, try a blood orange.


3 Responses to “True Blood”

  1. katie said

    ha IS always suprising when you see it’s red inside….aaahh..simple mind, simple pleasures..

  2. Sprout said

    I swear I taste berries when I revel in these gems – so delicious!

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