Baby Bok Choy

March 4, 2010


Baby bok choy is such a lovely vegetable and it’s easily available. It is quick to wash and prepare, and steams up to a bright jade green crispness in very little time. Buy some baby bok choy, wash and place in a shallow pan of barely simmering water, about 1/2″ of water is all it takes. Sprinkle a bit of sea salt over top and cover with a lid. After a few minutes, lift lid and turn the little cabbages over with tongs. Replace lid and poach for another few minutes. That’s it, it’s easy peasy. Drain and lift onto serving platter or plate. It’s quite delicious as is, or sometimes I squeeze half of a fresh lemon over to zing it up. Baby bok choy. Don’t walk by it at your produce stand this weekend, bring some home.


4 Responses to “Baby Bok Choy”

  1. Is it in season now in BC? I haven’t seen locally grown yet around Seattle. The recipe sounds divine! You have a way of making simple ingredients so intriguing and delicious.

    • dawnegourley said

      The baby bok choy I bought was not in season, local or organic. But it was most enjoyable. I appreciate your kind comments, Debra. Thank-you.

  2. virgil09 said

    a touch of sesame oil is also nice. are you doing oils?

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