Are you from around here?

December 21, 2009

Vancouver Kiwi

BC is the only place in Canada where kiwi grows. I don’t think of kiwi as a local, seasonal fruit. It seems odd to me that we can grow them in Vancouver. But look, here they are, all emerald-bright and sparkly inside casual, bristly jackets. Kiwi are originally from China and have been grown here for decades. They are loaded with fibre and are higher in vitamin C than oranges. You can put them into a smoothie or to smarten up a crisp fruit salad. These ones are from the Winter Farmers Market at the Wise Hall. Maybe you’ll find kiwi at the next market, on January 16th. There’s a lot to look forward to with a fresh, new year approaching.


One Response to “Are you from around here?”

  1. Dad said

    We have KIWI in our yard you need a male & female plant which we have. Also, the warm weather needs to stay on late in the year or maybe some micro area in your yard may be the thing.

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