Oh my darling!

December 10, 2009

Winter Sunshine

Clementine! There are many varieties of the Christmas-time orange. Mandarin. Satsuma. Mikan. Tangor. Chinese Orange. Honey Mandarin. Tangerine. Owari. Japanese Orange. These days my heart belongs to the charming, darling Clementine. What’s not to like? Their colour is an exceptionally bright and glossy orange. I love that their stems and leaves are often attached. They’re portable and easy to peel. Don’t you eat more oranges this time of year?


3 Responses to “Oh my darling!”

  1. katie said

    That is like a super model orange! Flawless!!

  2. Dad said

    We would all look better with a few leaves on, some of us may need many leaves.

  3. Kat said

    where’s the turnip????? 😉

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