November 23, 2009

Orange Spectrum

Orange – what a happy colour! With the exception of the persimmon, the fruits in this salad are not local, but this is their season. At the market there were so many orange fruits that I just had to make a jumbled salad out of them. Hachiya – Japanese persimmon, carabao – Phillipine Mango (the sweetest!), honey mandarins and passionfruit. Hachiya persimmon is a deep, beautiful red-orange and, if you leave the skin on, it is astringent from the tannins. I think Phillipine mangoes are my favourite mango, they are golden, barely orange and extraordinarily sugary. Honey mandarins, those bright, tiny little sugar-bomb oranges. You can never have just one honey mandarin, you need at least five at a time. And passionfruit! I squeezed and strained sweet-tart passionfruit pulp over this tone on tone fruit salad. I think this salad is helpfully loaded with a lot of the vitamins needed to drive winter colds and flues away. And my little race car is the perfect get-away car!

1974 Inka Red BMW 2002

The Flu Fighters


4 Responses to “Happiness”

  1. Jen said

    What sharp photos! Flu Fighters…very clever.

  2. Julie said

    Just lovely, Dawne. Now I am even more sorry to have missed the market. I have nothing…

  3. june said

    orange is quite possibly my favorite colour…and I love all of the fruits mentioned here but never thought to combine them into one bowl. Hmmm, back to the market I go!

  4. Holly said

    Dawne, thanks for the reminder that the yummy orangeness is in season now.

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