I Do Believe

November 9, 2009


Salad Days of Winter

I do believe that winter might be one of the best salad times of the year. Winter salads, here in Vancouver. We are lucky! Just take a good look at this salad – it rivals and triumphs a tender baby spring salad in colour and texture. Dark chocolate bell peppers. Sparkly, garnet-hued beets. Safety-orange and purple carrots. Bright white-white coins of tiny, raw turnip. Crisp, tart slices of apple. Frazzled-looking spicy peppercress. Delicate tangles of pale endive. Flourescent curls of magenta kale. Rounded leaves of tatsoi – the word tatsoi kind of sizzles when you say it: tatsoi. There is no excuse for eating limp supermarket salad from a box or bag. Go to a winter market. Get some winter greens and dress it with acidy-gold apple cider vinegar and a dark, antioxidant-laden oil, such as flax or pumpkin or hemp. Don’t forget to sprinkle it with a glittering of pretty salt and grind some flecks of black pepper over top. I am bossy, I know. But I feel so lucky to be able to eat a salad like this in the middle of November! If I wasn’t so damn busy I would invite you over for salad. But I know if I did you would ask what was for dessert, and I would tell you that there is no dessert, I’m not making any, we’re just having salad. And you then you might complain that I never make dessert anymore. You know who you are.


3 Responses to “I Do Believe”

  1. brian l. gourley said

    I know who I am! Oh yes, cookies?

  2. Jason Evans said

    Probably not me, but I can relate!.

  3. katie said

    Gorgeous! And so healthy…I would want to put a boiled egg on my salad to make it more filling..otherwise I would be that person demanding dessert…

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