Tea Sommelier

October 29, 2009



I had the fortunate and interesting experience of completing level one of a tea sommelier course two weeks ago. There are eight levels, so I have a ways to go before I’m a true tea sommelier. I do love tea, and I have been drinking loose leaf tea for most of my life. My mom is a bit of a tea person, and I grew up drinking genmaicha and lovely Earl Greys. She is particular about her Earl Grey, only a couple of them make their way into her teapot. However, I had little idea about the thousands of teas that exist. One tea really caught my attention, and that is Pu-Ehr (it’s pronounced POO-air, which is funny because you say poo). Pu-Ehr is from the Yunnan province in China, and is renowned for its health benefits. It is thought to aid in digestion, lower cholesterol and increase metabolism. All tea is from the Camillia Sinensis plant, and all tea begins as a green tea. The process of oxidization changes green tea into black tea. It is why a cut apple turns brown – it oxidizes. Pu-Ehr is lightly oxidized and slightly wet when formed into a cake, brick, or button, and its flavour changes as the damp tea ferments. Pu-Ehr is is often aged for many years, much like a vintage wine. Some are as old as 100 years! It is said that its flavour mellows with age. And, in my limited experience – 3 cups – it is a mellow and earthy tea. If you find a brick of Pu-Ehr, I would love to come over for a cup.


2 Responses to “Tea Sommelier”

  1. Boo and Bee said

    We miss your amazing carrot cake cupcakes with all the sugar and butter ….

  2. Dad said

    I know how busy you are, this is a good way to contact you. It’s not the tea I am wanting to talk about but the Rhubarb, it’s robust and this is not the time of year. What should I do, what can I do, what what what? OH, I Know, can we make tea from it?Love you, Dad. I’ll get mom on it.

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