Magical Black Garlic

October 12, 2009

Black Garlic

Black Garlic

Sticky. Dark. Sweet. Special. Earthy. Molasses-y. Savoury. Rich. Tangy. Addictive. Magic. I have been introduced to black garlic, and I have a crush on it. No, I am in love with it. Black garlic is fermented garlic, a Korean specialty. The sugars and acids in garlic, when fermented, turn it a dense, rich black. The coal-coloured cloves have a soft-firm texture, sort of like clay, and a sweet-tart garlicky flavour. Mine was a gift. It seems to be somewhat elusive. Keep your eyes open and when it appears, grab it. I’m going to have thin slices of black garlic on fried eggs tomorrow morning. And maybe later in the week I’ll make mushroom soup with black garlic. Ooh, black garlic, the things I want to do with you! I am going to start loitering and lurking in places where black garlic might make an appearance. I am going to stalk it. Because, actually, my love is bordering on an obsession.


3 Responses to “Magical Black Garlic”

  1. katie huitson said

    Blogging on a holiday monday!What a happy suprise when i logged on…Where did you find this black garlic? I think we got some from Mikuni at work but I have never seen it any where else…I am trying really hard to resist making a joke about the fact that you are in love with something that looks a bit like a turd…. heh heh…

  2. It sounds enchanting; I’ve never had it. How is it fermented? Do you think they have it at Asian food stores?

  3. South China Seas has Black garlic at both Locations (Granville Island Public Market and Victoria at Grant Street).

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