September 15, 2009

Chinese Food


Last night Michael and I passed this Chinese restaurant in Florence. This always happens when I leave Vancouver for more than a few days: I go into Asian food withdrawal. I crave Japanese – from sushi to ramen, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, you name it. We are so spoiled in Vancouver, we have a world of restaurants and ingredients easily available in our small city. Loads of fresh seafood. Incredible produce, a lot of it grown locally. Anyway, here I am in the land of tomatoes, cheese and pasta, the land of the slow-food movement, and what I most want to eat is some really spicy and fragrant Asian food. Ginger. Garlic. Hot. Spicy. Sour. There is the belief that pasta was introduced to Italy via China, back in the day. So it’s not too outlandish to have Chinese food in Italy. Right? I mean, I have more or less abandoned clean eating at this point, so what if we go out for a Chinese food  feast? In my defence, I am eating a lot of fresh, whole foods, as much as one possibly can when traveling. So we did it. We ate at l’abbondanza tonight. And it was better than you might be thinking. The vegetables were crisp and flavourful, loaded with ginger and fresh slices of bamboo. The spicy fried rice was more like risotto, unsurprisingly, with bits of egg – so good. And the pork and beef were excellent – tender and full of flavour. There wasn’t a chopstick in sight. No green tea. And no fortune cookies, either. But that’s a North American thing, there are no fortune cookies in China.




3 Responses to “Withdrawal”

  1. katie huitson said

    I have withdrawl from talking to my friend Dawne every day!! Enough is enough! Come home already! We have LOTS of delicious Asian food here…xoxo k

  2. Dad said

    You two must be having a great time, I miss your updates.
    When you get a chance you must do a bit on “Pizza”, I have been told no one can do “Pazzi”, as good as the Italians. “O” fix my spelling I think somethings wrong!
    Love Dad

  3. Jen said

    AAaah, Ha ha ha ha ha!

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