Market Day in Montepulciano

September 10, 2009

Crate o' Tomato

Crate o' Tomato

Today is market day in Montepulciano. We didn’t know this until we arrived in town, where a steady line of Italian ladies were marching into the market, their wheeled carts in tow, their husbands deposited outside the market to wait in the shade. With a lot of smiling, nodding, gesturing and grazie’s we managed to buy fresh fruits, vegetables and olives. And now we’re heading back to our villa for lunch and an afternoon swim. Ah, this is the life.



Cippolini Onions

Cippolini Onions


2 Responses to “Market Day in Montepulciano”

  1. katie said

    Those photos could be scratch n’ sniff…Looking at those peaches I think I had an olifactory hallucination and could actually smell them. STUNNING!! So peachy! I hope you’ve got some sparkling wine back at the villa to slice them into!

  2. Natasha said

    Hi Dawne and Michael, I have been following your trip on an old Italian map, but can’t find Montepulciano.All look so good. Pictures are soo real, excellent job. Markets are so exciting and the radichio looked so much nicer then the ones we get here. I will have to try that recipe. Looking forward to your next entry.

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