Azienda Agraria Nobile

September 8, 2009

View from Villa

View from Villa

I might have to use every cliché in the book to describe this shockingly charming villa that Michael and I have the privilege of staying at. There is a vineyard, so they make their own wines. There is an olive grove, so they press their own olive oil. And there is a fruit orchard, so guess what? They make their own preserves. It is lush here, and warm. Cool breezes rush and flutter through, tinged with the scent of lavender. See? I am not kidding – it is oozing charm here. I am delighted that there is a swimming pool. This is where the lavender grows, off to one side of the pool, it cascades thickly down over a rock wall. I can hardly stand it. And, very exciting, there is a little kitchen in our villa so we can buy fresh, local produce and make a lot of our own meals. The one downer is – drum up some sympathy here, please – the two knives in the kitchen are supremely lousy. Dull dull dull! It’s like being stuck in conversation with an utter bore, with no escape. I looked around, panicked, hoping to find something a little sharper, something to keep up with the chop-chop. Ack! All I found was an equally horrid cutting board – it has the same low-grade traits as the knives only, perhaps, more warped than dull. However, I am making the best of my time here, lousy knives and board aside. Right now I can hear bells ringing through the valley, and I think the monks might soon begin their chanting.



Grazie mille to Kat and Mike for recommending this, their favourite and oft-visited, heavenly villa. Now those are two people – characters, actually – who are never dull in conversation. Warped, yes. Kat is full of laughter and wit and Mike is irreverent, ridiculous and hysterically funny. Viva El Fuego!


One Response to “Azienda Agraria Nobile”

  1. katie huitson said

    Sorry miss..I tried…but couldn’t drum up even an OUNCE of sympathy….

    I am almost ILL with envy…Looks heavenly!!

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