Figgy in a Blanket

August 28, 2009

Fig in Pig

Fig in Pig

Fat-bottomed figs are ripe! And Oyama sells a superb free-range Berkshire Pig Mountain Herb Prosciutto. Obviously, the thing to do is wrap sweet, perfect fig halves in paper thin slices of this lean prosciutto and throw them on the grill for a few minutes. Admittedly, this is a treat. But it’s not an especially bad-for-you treat. I think it’s a great appetizer if you’re having a party on this last weekend in August, and it couldn’t be easier.

Make as few or as many as you wish

fresh figs, halved


several drops of maple syrup or agave

Pre-heat a gas barbecue or cast-iron grill. Heat it up really hot. Wrap each fig half with a thin slice of prosciutto. The prosciutto will fold around and stick to itself. Place them on the grill and leave them, untouched, for three to five minutes. The little bit of fat on the prosciutto will crisp and sizzle (almost) off and the fat figs will become even plumper as their insides sweeten and warm. Pull them off the grill, pop them onto a plate and finish with sticky droplets of maple syrup or agave. Serve and enjoy!


One Response to “Figgy in a Blanket”

  1. june said

    delicious…Michael surprized me with half a dozen of these tasy morsels when I arrived home from Toronto on Saturday evening. much nicer than the more often seen prossciutto with canteloupe.

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