Break Your Fast. Fast.

August 26, 2009

Get Cracking!

Get Cracking!

What’s for breakfast? BIG challenge some mornings. A little organization goes a long way. I made this breakfast in three minutes, I timed myself, which is a bit of a geeky confession. I’m kind of embarrassed for myself, but I was curious. It didn’t take much longer than a smoothie. I had some leftover steamed spinach and a container of pesto in the fridge so it made for an extra-fast, really tasty omelette.

Serves 1 hurried person

2 whole large eggs

1 teaspoon olive oil

1/4 cup leftover steamed spinach, or other leftover vegetable

1 tablespoon pesto

sea salt


fresh tomatoes or oven-roasted if they’re not in season

wedge of avocado

Pre-heat a 7″ pan over medium-high heat. Swirl in the olive oil and crack the two eggs directly into the warming pan – no need to mess up a bowl. Break the eggs apart with the tip of a heatproof spatula, don’t go crazy, the streaks of yellow yolk are pretty. Season with a little sea salt and pepper. By now, approximately one minute in, the edges of the egg will be crisping and setting. Strew leftover spinach over half the eggs and dollop the pesto about. It’s about two minutes in now, place a lid over to speed the cooking of your omelette. Cut some fresh tomatoes onto a plate and add a wedge of avocado. Lift the lid, flip half the omelette – the half with nothing on top of it – over top of the other half, put the lid back on. Wait patiently for thirty seconds or so, to ensure that the eggs are fully set. There, it’s done! Quickly turn the omelette over onto your ready plate. Maybe it took you longer than three minutes, but probably not much. The more practice you get the faster you’ll get. Breakfaster.


2 Responses to “Break Your Fast. Fast.”

  1. june said

    I love this omlette…not sure I only take 3 minutes but not whisking the eggs will definitely help!

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