Smoked Tofu

August 20, 2009

Smoked Tofu

Smoked Tofu

There are a lot of tofu-haters out there. Perhaps because there are a lot of poor examples and preparations. Not to mention the fact that we have gotten carried away with soy products over the last several years – there is soy everything – soy milk, soy fake meat, soy this, soy that. So what the hell? Is it good for you, bad for you? Perhaps if it’s over-processed, genetically modified, sprayed with loads of pesticides and you consume it all the time then it’s probably not good for you. If you eat it in moderation, and it’s local, and organic, and non-GMO and it’s lightly, delicately, deliciously smoked then it’s probably not so bad for you. In fact, tofu can be a good source of protein and quality carbohydrate. I love Soya Nova Tofu Shop’s Westcoast Smoked Tofu. I heard about it from Andrea, a talented chef and friend, and she knows her food. I love that it’s from Salt Spring Island. I told my friend Courtney about it, she was a tough sell. She’s a tofu-hater and a vegetarian. And then she called me and demanded “Why didn’t you tell me it tastes like Gouda?!” Because it kind of does taste like smoked Gouda. And the reason I didn’t tell her that is because I didn’t want to blow this smoked tofu out of proportion. Then she would have expected creamy, decadent cheese. And it’s not. It’s smoked tofu. Use it in a salad, throw it in a stir-fry, or place it between the triple cream and Saenkanter on the cheese plate at your next cocktail party. Well, maybe it’s not that good. Now I’ve gone and blown it out of proportion.

Good Stuff

Good Stuff


2 Responses to “Smoked Tofu”

  1. cour t e nay said

    I am a converted tofu hater. The smoked tofu is amazing, since I started clean eating have started to crave smoked tofu since I have not been having cheese. So good!!!! If only I could like eggplant.

  2. Mom said

    Thanks, Duffy – every little bit helps – hope I can find it out here. Also, the plums look delish – like that jam I tried making once – (rasperry and peach combo called blushing peach) these plums look like what I thought the jam would look like!

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