Delivery Guy

August 11, 2009


What's Your Number?

Everyone should meet our friends Guy and Mel, they are fun and funny and generous. Four years ago they built a raised garden and every year they grow all sorts of vegetables. I like the idea of a garden, especially a raised garden. It doesn’t seem as back-breaking. But gardening is a lot of work. I’m concerned that if I planted a vegetable garden my interest would fizzle as my laziness skyrocketed. And really? Grubby soil? Bugs and slugs? Bluh, no thank-you. The other morning Guy and their daughter Brynn (who is delightful, she’s one of my favourite people) delivered fresh produce to us. How great is that? Beautiful, flowering zucchini, pretty cream and violet beans, crisp peas, fragrant, spicy basil and superb-looking cucumbers. Guy claims the cucumbers are extra-crunchy, and I have to agree. I want to try pickling a whole, large-ish cucumber, I think it would look great in a jar. Anyway, why do I need my own garden? Guy delivers! Maybe I will give them a jar of pickle.





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