As Good As It Gets

July 24, 2009

Best Ever

Best Ever

This is as good as fruit salad gets, this time of year. I can’t get enough. It won’t last. Before we know it, a bright fruit salad of this calibre will be a dim memory. Thoughts like this induce a slight panicky feeling, so I overload my fridge. I freeze what I can’t eat, consoling myself with the knowledge that I can blend these fleeting fruits into smoothies and whip up a quick compote in the darker months. Go load up now – take advantage of the berries and fruits that are exploding throughout our city. Actually, this fruit salad could be slightly improved with the addition of wild blackberries, but they’re not ready quite yet. I’m waiting.

There is no recipe for fresh fruit salad. Put in what is ripe and what you love. There are a lot of berries these days, go heavy on those. And cherries. Have you seen how sexy apricots are right this second? I’m sure you have a citrus of some sort. Maybe it’s a grapefruit, rolling around in your crisper drawer. Add that. I unearthed a sugary, slightly wrinkled mango from my fridge. I am particularly fond of a little finely grated lime zest. Somehow it manages to make a fresh fruit salad taste even fresher. I think that’s as good as it gets. Happy Friday!

Fruit Explosion

Fruit Explosion


2 Responses to “As Good As It Gets”

  1. Jason said

    I have the urge to stuff my face with fruits after looking at this photo.

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