Introducing Purslane

July 22, 2009

A Wanted Weed

A Wanted Weed

Have you seen this green at the market? It’s a succulent weed* named purslane. That’s a funny sentence, and it sounds as though purslane is a quirky person that I would like to know, someone who is often up to something risky and wild and interesting. But you won’t get into any trouble with purslane, should you happen to meet at the market. Quite the opposite, as purslane is one of the richest sources of omega-3’s around and is higher in vitamin E than spinach. Do get to know this succulent – it is crisp and a little tart, almost citrusy, and adds sass and texture to any salad. Sometimes a salad needs a bit of personality to smarten it up.

* My dad claims a weed is anything you don’t want, and if this is the case then perhaps it’s not very nice to call purslane a weed.


2 Responses to “Introducing Purslane”

  1. diane said

    Finally I get a chance to email and tell you how much I enjoy this site, it is a breathe of fresh air everyday!

    A couple of questions, is Purslane something we can sprout ourselves?

    Also, some deli’s make a Spelt Kamut salad that’s yummy, I’ve tried making it myself but somethings missing. Would you happen to have a recipe?


    • dawnegourley said

      Diane, thank-you so much for your compliments, you made my day! I don’t know if you can sprout purslane, but I think it’s easy to grow outdoors if you have a hot, sunny spot. I am inspired to create a flavourful spelt kamut salad – stay tuned.

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