Pretty Please?

July 20, 2009



Raspberries are a favourite berry of mine, and this year’s are absolutely luminous. I think the best thing to do with raspberries is to eat them straight out of their pint box. My mom used to can raspberries, and I remember those as better than fresh, especially with condensed milk swirled in. She hasn’t done them for years, even though I remind her year in and year out. Nobody preserves with as much perfection as my mom – her canning is jewel-like and flawless. Tiny jars of clear, deep purple wild blackberry jelly. Perfect, blushing Red Haven peach halves in sweet, sweet syrup, so good icy cold from the fridge. We used to pour heavy cream over them. Heaven. And sparkling, light-filled jars of pears from her tree. Have you ever been in a kitchen where fruit is being preserved? The air is humid from the gorgeous and intoxicating smell of juicy, ripe fruit simmering in sugar. It can almost knock you over onto the sticky floor into a fruit-drunk haze. Ah, those were the good old days. My mom has since moved on to other hobbies and obsessions, such as Wii Fit with DDR2 and Guitar Hero, with a lot of gardening thrown in. Maybe if I ask nicely again she’ll put down her nunchuks and plastic guitar and can me some raspberries.

Note – this raspberry is sitting pretty on a fabulous tea linen from love this shop!


2 Responses to “Pretty Please?”

  1. katie said there a way I can incorporate sweetened condensed milk into the clean eating plan? YUM….the raspberries are indeed extra beautiful and tasty this year.

  2. jevanshead said

    A pleasure to read Dawne-O, it’s obvious you have inherited your mom’s attention to detail with her jewel-like canning and jarring with your own work. That would include your photography skills as well, another stunning image!

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