Blueberry Buckle

July 14, 2009

Blueberry Buckle

Fully Loaded

I like to think that this cake is called Blueberry Buckle because it is so laden with blueberries that it is close to buckling from the weight of them. Whatever its name, this old-fashioned coffee cake is moist, and has just the right amount of crunch from the nut and crumb topping. Of course, this cake is in my hot new fashion of being wheat-gluten-sugar-and dairy-free. It’s easy, breezy, cover-worthy Blueberry Buckle, and it’s a cinch to mix together. Once it’s in the oven your kitchen will fill with the fragrance of warm vanilla cake and cinnamon, and there’s almost nothing better than that smell. One more thing, each of these little half-cup cakes contains a quarter cup of blueberries – they are fully loaded.

Makes 6 – 3″ cakes

1 – 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil, for pans

1/2 cup Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Flour

1/4 cup sorghum flour

1/4 cup almond flour

1/2 teaspoon gluten-free baking powder

1/2 teaspoon xantham gum

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt

1 large egg

2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted

1/4 cup almond milk

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1 1/2 cups fresh blueberries

Pre-heat oven to 350º. Prepare six little cake pans, or ceramic ramekins, by greasing with a little olive oil in each and placing on a half-sheet pan. Set aside. In a medium-sized bowl whisk together all of the dry ingredients, and then turn in the blueberries. Set aside, and in a smaller bowl whisk egg with melted coconut oil first, then whisk in almond milk and vanilla. Pour the liquid ingredients over the dry ingredients and blueberries, and use a rubber spatula to stir and combine together. Drop batter by spoonfuls into your prepared pans or ramekins. If necessary, use dampened fingertips to press the batter evenly into the pans. Set aside while you mix together the crumb topping.

Crumb Topping:

1/4 cup almond flour

2 tablespoons old-fashioned, large flake oatmeal

1 tablespoon virgin coconut flour

1 tablespoon coconut oil, room temperature

1 tablespoon agave nectar

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon Maldon Salt

1/4 cup pecans, chopped

Measure all crumb ingredients except for the pecans into a small bowl. Use your hands or a fork to blend coconut oil and agave into the dry ingredients, then toss in the chopped pecans. This crumb topping is a bit clumpy and damp, not really crumb-like. Anyway, do your best to scatter these clumpy, nutty crumbs over your little cakes. It crisps up and becomes crumbly with the heat of the oven. Bake cakes for about 25 minutes, rotating the pan halfway through to ensure they all bake up evenly. Check one for doneness with a bamboo skewer – it should emerge batter-free but stained purply-blue. Let cakes sit on a rack until they’ve cooled enough to handle. Run a small knife around the edge of one, upend and knock the little cake out into your hand. Now you could do one of two things – set freshly released cake down and repeat, or eat now, still very warm and jammy, out of your hand.

Navy Blue

Navy Blue


2 Responses to “Blueberry Buckle”

  1. Julie said

    The deliciousness made my knees buckle… I think that is where the name comes from. This is sooooo good. Such a great blend of flavours and aromas! Another job well done, Dawne!

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