Don’t Reach For Them

June 29, 2009

Cherry Cherry

Cherry Cherry

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, so I was over for a visit. They have an amazing garden, full of rare and unusual flowers and plants. Rather fitting, as they themselves are rare and unusual. Not unusual was my dad’s yearly holler of “Don’t reach for them!”* as I was 16 feet up an orchard ladder, picking perfect cherries from their trees. My dad picks all cherries – the under-ripe, rain-split, bird-bitten, and he eats all of them, too. If you know where my parents live, you could go visit them and pick buckets of your own. This actually worries my dad, that people will find out about his laden cherry trees and raid them. However you acquire some cherries is up to you, just go get some. But they are so sweet and delicious that I wouldn’t blame you if you pulled off a cherry heist. If, for some reason, you did end up at my parents in their jungle of a yard, they would fix you a great cup of strong coffee and insist that you take some cherries home. They might also insist that you bake them a pie, but don’t feel obliged, they’re trying to eat healthier these days.

* My dad feels that I (he, too) might be distracted by cherries while picking and forget that I am high up on a ladder and reach for them, and fall. Albeit with a fistful of cherries. So, “Don’t reach for them!”

I reached, but not too far

I reached, but not too far


2 Responses to “Don’t Reach For Them”

  1. katie said

    you must be at least 19 years old to look at those pictures…OMG! FOOD PORN! Those cherries are LUSCIOUS!!!

  2. pam said

    Thanks for the tip, I do live just around the corner and own some sweet night vision glasses. Sorry Dad, your cherries are going to be stalked 🙂

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