Farm Bright, Farm Fresh

June 15, 2009

Farm Bright

Bright and Fresh

This past Saturday was the first day of the season for the UBC Farmers Market and, not surprisingly, it was a busy, bustling morning. My friend Julie and I arrived early, our sharp elbows out, determined to get some of the farm fresh eggs and strawberries. Everything was perfect – from bright bangle-like garlic scapes to nubbly little new potatoes. I couldn’t resist an intoxicating little bundle of lavender, the first crop of summer. We lined up and loaded up, as much as we could carry in our arms, feeling greedy and elated, and rather pleased with ourselves. On our way home I decided that I was going to make a crispy fried egg salad for lunch. I know you don’t need a recipe for a fried egg salad, but in case you’d like to read about it, here it is. I hope it makes for a savoury read this morning as you enjoy your coffee.


Serves 2

2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil

2 large eggs

3 or 4 garlic scapes*, roughly chopped, or one clove of garlic, minced

1 bunch young kale, chopped

1/2 bunch mustard greens, chopped

2 or 3 tablespoons aged sherry or apple cider vinegar

a few handfuls of fresh lettuce

1 or 2 fennel fronds

3 radishes, sliced

some fresh basil leaves

sea salt and fresh pepper

Heat a medium-sized pan over medium heat, swirl in about a teaspoon of olive oil, and add chopped garlic scapes or minced garlic. Add a bit of sea salt, and toss pan to mix. Sauté for just a minute or two. If you’re using a garlic clove instead, take care not to brown it. The garlic scapes will quickly turn an even brighter green. Add the leaves of kale and mustard greens, they’ll wilt rapidly in the hot pan. Remove from heat, stir in the sherry or apple cider vinegar. Set aside. In a large bowl, toss in lettuce leaves, fennel fronds, radish slices, and basil. Meanwhile, heat a small skillet over medium-high heat and add the remaining teaspoon of olive oil. Gently crack two eggs into pan, and cook until the eggs are done just the way you like them, I prefer mine slightly crispy on the bottom and soft on top. Now scrape your still-warm greens with vinaigrette over your bowl full of lettuce and herbs, season with sea salt and pepper and toss. Divide salad onto two plates and cap with your fresh fried eggs. Eat and enjoy.

* Garlic scapes are tender, young flower stems from garlic plants. They have a light garlic flavour and may be eaten raw or lightly cooked. That curly green thing on the side of the fried egg salad is a garlic scape.


2 Responses to “Farm Bright, Farm Fresh”

  1. Julie said

    And I can’t wait to do it all again next Saturday! What a difference a farm can make. The flavours that explode from freshly picked produce have changed my life! Before Saturday I had no idea what lettuce, radishes and strawberries were supposed to taste like. I can never do imported again. I heart UBC Farm.

  2. Jason said

    Another great post Dawne!.

    I wonder if everyone out there knows that you are not only a wealth of knowledge when it comes to food, but that you also take all of the wonderful photos on this blog.


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