Going Deep, Dark Green

June 12, 2009

Deep Sea Green

Deep Sea Green

Chlorella. It doesn’t taste very good. Kind of an intensely briny, bottom of the ocean reduction. It’s the colour of being lost in the woods after the sun has set – dark, almost-black, forest green. Spooky. The bottle reads: “Chlorella is a nutritious micro-green algae… the #1 health food supplement in Japan… Chlorella has earned its reputation as ‘The Ultimate Green Food’. Chlorella is nature’s richest source of chlorophyll, the life blood of plants and a powerful detoxifier… the building blocks of all matter, essential for cellular growth and repair.” I know, blah blah blah. But there’s more that I want to tell you. Chlorella is a complete food, and contains a high amount of protein, 65%, essential fatty acids, and an amazing amount of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.  It speeds recovery after exercise. Vegetarians might be interested to know that they will find vitamin B12 in it. What you might be most interested to know is that chlorella helps slow down signs of aging. I think that’s something we’d all like a taste of. I mix one teaspoon in a glass of cool water and chug.


One Response to “Going Deep, Dark Green”

  1. katie said

    make it into a cookie…then we can talk….

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