June 8, 2009

Summer is Here

Summer is Here

Look how pretty. I wish you could smell them, they’re so fragrant. I’m supposed to be working but I couldn’t resist telling you that local strawberries are finally here. This makes me happy. These ones are from Granville Island, about an hour ago. Go buy local strawberries. Organic if you can. I might bake some biscuits for strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight. I have an idea in mind for making gluten and sugar-free biscuits. Then again, I might not. The thought of strawberry shortcake without cold whipped cream takes away a tiny tiny bit of happy.


4 Responses to “Strawberries”

  1. katie said

    This picture is so vivid I feel like I CAN smell them….I basically overdose on strawberries ever summer….so delicious…and so good for you…I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that a cup of strawberries has more fibre than 8 slices of whole wheat toast and LOADS of vitamin c…So good!

  2. Jordi said

    I am pleased to tell you that my first ripe strawberries did not have a chance at getting photographed. They are so inviting to the bite they become sexy.


  3. Herb Chan said

    The strawberries now are amazing! I got some from the Main Street Farmers Market yesterday. Truly thankful for the early summer!

  4. I love local strawberries, delicious!

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