Little Sprout

June 8, 2009


So Cute

I know, sprouting your own grains and legumes is so 1970’s. However, there are three very good reasons for giving it a go. The first one is they’re exceptionally good for you and jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and enzymes. Still with me? The second reason is they’re a bargain, cheap as dirt, and who doesn’t like a good deal? And thirdly, they are quite cute. This is not a recipe, more of a general how-to and doesn’t involve any cooking. I found organic mixed grains and legumes for sprouting in the bulk section of Whole Foods, and they cost less than two dollars.

1/3 cup mixed grains and legumes, rinsed well

1 large, clean jar

small bit of cheesecloth

1 elastic band

This requires very little active time. However, it will be two days before your sprouts are ready to consume. Put the rinsed sprouts in your clean jar. Cover with cool water almost, but not quite, filling the jar. There, that’s all for today. Leave it on your counter overnight. The very next day drain and rinse your sprouts. They will not have sprouted yet so don’t bother squinting at them, they just look wet no matter how close you get. Now put your cheesecloth over the mouth of the jar, and pop the elastic around to hold it in place. And if you don’t have cheesecloth don’t bother running out and buying any, this is supposed to be simple. You can cover with a clean bit of a ratty old tea towel. By the next day your sprouts will be, well, sprouting. Truly interesting and amazing. Store them in the fridge. Toss them into salads or eat them by the spoonful in front of the fridge if you’re in a hurry and hungry and you can hear brownies/cookies/cake tops calling your name.

Before and After Before and after
Ready to Eat Ready to eat


2 Responses to “Little Sprout”

  1. Mary H said

    Dawne, this is a beautiful site! Congratulations. I cannot believe you make bean sprouts sound so appetizing. The photography and writing is fabulous.

    Keep up the excellent work, and thank you.


  2. Julie said

    That’s all there is to it?! Where were you 6 hours ago!?! I was at Whole Foods staring at a bin of bulk sprouts and imagining the many ways that my black thumbs would find to kill sprouts. I think sprouts might be my first step towards the farm I have been dreaming about!

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