Fresh Miso Soup

June 8, 2009

Fresh in a bowl
Fresh in a Bowl

This is a simple, fresh-tasting soup, inspired by a stew that my dear friend Jen E. made for dinner one night. I’ve written it out several times for friends. This is the last time. I like to sliver, slice, and julienne the vegetables. My mom pops all of the vegetables in her food processor and whirs away. But, really, never mind the shape of the vegetables. Just start chopping and cooking. Use organic if possible, especially for the tofu.

Serves 6, or one person over the course of a few days

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 medium white onion, in slivers

2 ribs of celery, julienned

2 carrots, julienned

4 mushrooms, button or shitake, thinly sliced

2″ piece of ginger, peeled and minced

1/2 cup gluten-free miso paste, softened in one cup of hot water

I small head of sui choy cabbage, cut into ribbons

1 small block of medium-firm organic tofu, cut into 1/2″ cubes

2 green onions, finely chopped, for garnish

Swirl the olive oil into a large pot, and turn your heat to medium-low. When oil is warmed, add  the onion, celery, and carrots. Sauté and sweat vegetables, but do not let them colour. This will take five to ten minutes. If you begin to notice any caramelization, lower your heat a little. Next, add the button or shitake mushrooms and the minced ginger. Throw in a couple of pinches of sea salt. While these vegetables are cooking, chop one small head of sui choy into ribbons. Set aside. Next, add seven cups of cold water to your vegetables in the pot and bring to a gentle simmer.* Add the softened miso paste and ribbons of cabbage and heat gently, for about 10 or 15 minutes, or until the cabbage has cooked to a soft crispness. Be careful not to overcook or you will lose the lovely fresh taste and texture of the vegetables. Your soup is almost finished. Add the cubed tofu, and heat. Taste, and add a little more sea salt if you wish. Now you can eat. Ladle your soup into bowls and garnish with the green onion.

Meat-eating twist:

Add two seasoned chicken breast halves and poach for 10 – 12 minutes

Remove from pot, set chicken aside on a plate to cool, and continue with recipe

When chicken has cooled enough to handle, shred it with your fingers, and then add along with the tofu


8 Responses to “Fresh Miso Soup”

  1. katie said

    I freaking LOVE this soup!! I was skeptical at first because the ingredients don’t look like much, but some how they all combine and melt together and create the most AMAZING flavour….So healthy, so cheap and so extra delicious….In frequent rotation in my kitchen now.

  2. June Gourley said

    This soup is amazing. The broth is delicious – I thought it was chicken broth, not miso. All the veggies were shredded or sliced in the food processor – even the mushrooms and green onions. The result is just as tasty and is a lot quicker although it doesn’t look as beautiful. NOTE: The only thing that should be done by hand is to shred the chicken – chopping gives a different texture and makes it very dry – when hand-shredded, the chicken absorbs the broth. This soup is good cold too! MOM.

  3. courtney said

    OMG!!!! I hate TOFU and I am a vegetarian. This soup is so good, I could eat it everyday.

  4. pam said

    great idea for the blog, love this soup, have made it twice since you gave me the recipe

  5. Jen said

    This soup is delicious – a wonderful healthy choice. Thanks for writing the recipe down one last time Dawne!

  6. Maylene said

    Hello Dawne,
    Your blog looks FANTASTIC! I am planning to try the soup and the quinoa salad this weekend. All looks delicious. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. susan livingston said

    Hi Dawne,
    I am going to try both the soup recipe and the oatmeal cookie without the raisans but with chocolate chips. Love your writing style, you really have a way with words!
    take care, sue

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